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What are the peculiar features of the new method?

Autologous cells preclude possibility of hepatitis, HIV and other blood born viruses, also mutagenesis is minimized by providing culture mediums, without stimulant factors.


 What are the criteria to select the patient?


1.             Age less than 55 years.

2.             Classic treatment being done properly  under  neurosurgical supervision

3.             Acceptable muscle bulk

4.             Spastic bladder

5.             Traumatic etiology

6.             Lesion length on  MRI less than 10 mm, above L1

7.             No ferromagnetic metallic implants

8.             No addictive behavior


 What are the preliminary results of the phase 1 clinical trial?

               Up to 60% of the selected patients demonstrate evidences of significant neurological function improvement. 


Is the surgical intervention necessary for cell therapy?

Interalesional cell delivery is performed by minimally invasive surgical technique. However the extent of intervention may be decrease in future.


 What kinds of disorders are amenable to cell therapy?

Patient with traumatic myelopathies are the best candidates for this treatment.

How are schawnn cells harvested?

They are derived from autologous sural nerve in the back of the calf and cultured in the laboratory.


Are all people with traumatic spinal cord injury treatable by this method?

Only those with lesions less than 20mm are candidates for this treatment, however endeavors are made to treat lesions with a size more than 20mm.



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