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 Patient Selection Criteria


Patient Selection Criteria:

You can see some of the criteria for patient selection, please read these criteria before proceed for take an appointment.

  1.   Patients between the age of 18 and 50.

  2. Type of etiology must be traumatic & classical surgery treatment have to be done (stabilization & decompression)

  3.  At least two year past the traumatic spinal cord injury & no change in patient condition in recent 6 month due to patient history.

  4.  Level of injury L1 & upper in cervical thoracic & lumbar region.

  5.  No complete spinal cord injury.

  6. No systematic diseases. peripheral nerves & neuromuscular system with no injury (by EMG – NCV proved & done in recent year) exceptionally in thoracolumber injury, axon damage in tibial & peroneal nerve is acceptable.

  7.  Not autonomic Bladder (proved By CMG)

  8. Retro caudal length of injury in MRI equal or less that 10 mm .Diagonal width of spinal cord in injury level not less than 40% of diagonal line of spinal cord further more no compressive cyst & syrinx in MRI (MRI should being done at least 2 year after injury)

  9.  Decompression being done. Angulation of vertebral body less than 40 degree and there wouldn't be any artifact in imaging for injury evaluation

  10.  Patient well understood in whole treatment & probable side effect & follow the treatment period.

  11.  PFT not less than 60% in cervical injury.

  12. Patient has no any contraindications for surgery & general anesthesia.

  13.  Range of motion in upper and lower limbs would be retained or be reversible by physiotherapy.

  14. Routine laboratory tests (such as cratenin, BUN, FBS, LFT, ESR, CBC) have to be in normal limits in recent six month.

  15. In first medical visit patient has no bed sour or his or her bed sour condition let physiotherapy being done and would have good prognosis for healing in next six month.

  16. Patient with acute psychosis & premise delirium, any type of dementia, mania phase in bipolar disorder and addicts who use injection have complete contraindication to enter the study and also patients with personality disorder & obsessive-compulsive disorders are interdicted.

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